• Council Bluffs Iowa Water Softener

    Repair and Installation

    If you live or do business in Council Bluffs Iowa or surrounding areas in southwest Iowa, and you have any of the following issues with your water, please contact Loess Hills Handyman to provide water softener installation and testing services or water softener repair services to provide safe and efficient water for you, your family, or your business.

    1. Soap scum on shower doors, in the bathtub, or in the sink

    2. Faucets and fixtures that aren't shiny, but are instead covered with difficult to clean white film

    3. Dry skin, itchy or irritated scalp, and dull, unhealthy hair

    4. Drinking glasses, silverware, and dishes have spots on them or are cloudy after hand washing or running through the dish washer

    5. You require the use of a larger amount of soap to create suds (you really only need a dime-size amount of shampoo and body wash to create suds).

    6. Laundry that is not bright, soft, or fresh-smelling even with a quality detergent

    7. Water takes extra time to heat up, or you’ve needed to prematurely replace water-using appliances like water heaters


    A new or properly functioning Council Bluffs Iowa water softener will remove the excess calcium and magnesium (hard water minerals), and often has the ability to remove some, if not all, of the chlorine from the water. This will result in healthier skin and hair, saving money from using less soap and detergent, lower energy bills, brighter clothing, longer lasting plumbing, no more hard water stains, cleaner dishes, and of course, better tasting water.


    Call Loess Hills Handyman today at (712) 314-5518 for your Council Bluffs water softener repair or water softener installation. Our affiliated Council Bluffs Iowa handyman team will get your water back to where it needs to be. We look forward to hearing from you soon!