Is It Worth It To Call A Plumber?

Tips to help you decide what plumbing repairs warrant contacting a professional to assist you.

As we begin 2024 and the winter months season, the thought of frozen pipes and other plumbing issues definitely crosses our minds a few times. Overall, the average Bellevue Nebraska home or business owner can take most minor plumbing repairs, but some should not be attempted due to their complexity and dire consequences if done incorrectly. In general, Bellevue Nebraska homeowners should call a plumber for issues relating to major pipe leaks, burst pipes, clogged drains that don't resolve with the usual common hardward store snaking methods common, or any issues with the main water line. That last one is often the toughest one to gauge because many of these require issues requires a plumber to come to your home to investigate if the problem has gone that far.

Signs of a major pipe leak would be noticable water spots on your floors or ceiling, or dripping water from pipes onto your floor or basement. These can create dangerous mold damage in your home, or the leaking water can freeze and expand hollow areas of your home leading to other supplementary problems in all seasons. A burst pipe is easier to diagnose as it will create low water pressure and all of the above from the leaking pipes...this is rather serious especially in the winter time because of the massive amount of water that will flood an area and could potentially freeze and create a multitude of other unwanted water issues in your home or business, and would require other home repair specialists (remodelers, insulation installers, electricians, etc.) to get involved. Clogged drains can be more annoying and unseemingly to your family and guests in your home. When a homeowner can't unclog a drain despite multiple attempts as snaking or plunging, it could well be a sign of a more major issue. Additional signs would be if toilets begin to back up, garbage disposals don't drain, or pipes begin to leak...again, one issue can lead to another. Sometimes the problem is a major one in which a tree root has puncturedthe main water line to your Bellevue Nebraska home or business. This opens you up to having to tear up your yard, sidewalk, or uproot trees. Not good at all as it is expensive and massively inconvenient. Getting a licensed handyman or plumber involved in the early signs of any of the above issues can save tremendous heartache, time, and money later on by address a minor or moderate issue upfront before it becomes major issue that sets your home or business back in multiple ways.


We at Cornhusker Handyman hope you have a safe beginning of 2024 and the winter season, and we are happy to investigate any plumbing issues you have. If they are within our licensing and scope, we will be happy to tackle them, and if not, we will help to recommend a licensed plumber who can take on the more complex issues. Please check out our previous blog entitled What Is A Local Handyman, and take a look at our Bellevue Nebraska plumbing handyman portion of our website for more information on issues with which we can assist. Have a happy and safe 2024!